This is an overly large picture of me, who couldn't be bothered to resize it, so here we are.

Hey, I'm Emily.

My journey started in 2008, when the financial crash rocked the newspaper industry pretty hard. I was in the middle of a print-focused communications degree at the time and, uh, that wasn't gonna be so useful anymore.

I started piling on as many digital media courses as I could, took an internship that required me to build a website from scratch in Dreamweaver (lol), and — armed with a book on CSS and HTML from Borders — jumped in.

The next ten years saw me working full-time as a marketing coordinator, SEO writer, eCommerce marketing jack-of-all-trades, part-time reporter and, weirdly, an 18 month stretch as an executive recruiter for a large global biosciences company.

In 2019, after a couple years back in-office doing SEO writing and more, I said peace out guys and left to start my own business. And here we are, one pandemic later, still kicking.

So, welcome. Poke around, read some stuff, drop me a line if you have questions or are looking for an SEO writer (I work with digital marketing agencies, creative consultants, and MarTech SaaS brands).

Thanks for stopping by!