how to write Shopify product descriptions that sell

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If you have a retail storefront, you or your sales team can answer any questions customers have while they shop. This benefit of in-person browsing is lost when shopping online. Think of your product descriptions as the friendly salesperson who can ultimately convince your customers to purchase a product. You don’t have to pay them a commission, either!

The simple steps below are perfect for writing good Shopify store product descriptions, and can also be applied to e-commerce websites on any platform.

grab shoppers’ eyes with winning product titles

The title of your product is particularly important. This is one of the very first bits of text a search engine will be picking up and using to establish a sense of what your page is about. You want to be as descriptive as possible…in as few words as possible. It sounds conflicting, but writing your product titles is actually simple with this formula:


If I were selling my own brand of jeans, my product title might look like this:

EGCC Dark Wash Slimming Effect Jeans with Zippered Travel Pocket – Size 10

You don’t want to just write “Women’s Sz 10 Dark Jeans.” Think about how many millions of products that could possibly apply to! Highlighting your product’s primary defining features helps bring in shoppers who want what you are sellng.

You can shuffle the components around if needed or even drop one if it doesn’t quite apply. If I were to sell a coffee cup, I might write:

Sip’n Go Pink Shimmer Insulated Coffee Cup for Commuters - 32 oz.

You can adapt these principles to sell digital goods, courses, or services that can be selected and paid for online.

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funnel toward a conversion with good product descriptions

A good product description follows the 4-2-1 rule:

4 bullet points – select the most important features about your product and write a short sentence about each. These bullet points give an “at a glance” overview of your product so that customers in a hurry can get an idea of what you’re selling. Don’t include the price, because that appears elsewhere on your product page.

2 paragraphs of descriptive body copy – each paragraph should be 2-3 sentences long. Use your keywords (see below). If you write down a list of the product’s attributes, you’re likely going to have listed some of the top features people will be Googling. If you want to get more advanced, you can hire an SEO specialist or SEO content writer to help you get your hands on real data about what people are searching for.

Your body copy should pitch the product in one of two primary ways. Feature/benefit descriptions talk about product features and explain how said features can benefit the customer and make their life better. Aspirational product descriptions tell the potential customer about how said products can make them prettier, happier, richer, skinnier, or achieve any other lifestyle attribute generally considered desirable.

1 keyword – a word or phrase people might search for that describes your product or service.

Remember: if you are selling multiple products that are the same except for color or size, you can set up product variants in your shop. This will group the similar products together and allow customers to choose their preferred version – saving you the hassle of coming up with a unique product description for dozens of near-identical items.

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